Published Work

Turned Into Flowers: On Tove Jansson, love, loss, Tove Jansson, the Moomins, and making it through the winter. For ZEAL's imprint Slept-In Comics, 2015.

Rookie Magazine
(with illustrations by Annie except where noted)

Worst Behavior, 2015.

Stars in My Pocket, 2015.

Like a Lighthouse, 2015.

Mija's Mirrors, illustrated prose fiction story, 2015.

The Sex Crylebration, Part III: Let's Relax About Sex, group essay with illustration by Esme Blegvad, 2015.


To See Myself Reflected: An Interview with Jillian Tamaki, The Hairpin, 2015

An interview with Sab Meynert, Comics Workbook Magazine #7, 2015 (in print only, link to buy at Copacetic Comics)


Selected collaborative comics
(as writer/co-storyteller except where noted)

Swim Thru Fire with Sophia Foster-Dimino for Hazlitt, continuing serial, 2015.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Delany Comets with Jack Gross for Rookie, 2015.

Errand written by Maggie Eighteen and drawn by me, 2014. Appears in Eighteen's collection All That's Left: Prototype Packets.

This Witch's Work (preview) with Emily Carroll and letterer John Workman for Vertigo's The Witching Hour anthology, 2013.

A postcard for the Red Umbrella Project, an advocacy organization for sex workers, 2013. Uses an anonymous participant's words. An essay by Emma Caterine of Red Umbrella explains the complexities of some of the issues around criminalization and NY's "Condoms as Evidence" law, which has been stopped in some but not all cases of criminalizing sex work.

Roosterlegs (preview) with Sam Sharpe for 2D Cloud's anthology Little Heart, 2012.

Selected solo comics

Florals, Rookie, 2015

No No No: A Guide to Girling Wrong, Rookie, 2015

Unholy Shapes. 24-page comic book for the Ley Lines series co-published by Grindstone Comics and Czap Books, 2014. Printed by Issue Press. Preview on Bleeding Cool.

"Shadow Manifesto" for ZEAL, 2014
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Iggy Pop, 2015

Enormous Eye, 2015. A comic/diary for Amy Rose Spiegel's E.E. project, in which she asks writers to detail their their Saturdays with timestamps

Allegheny Cemetery, a guest strip for Solomon Fletcher's NSFW webcomic Goldy & the Bears, 2014.

Stand-Ins for the Chainmail Bikini anthology, 2015.

Me as Ophelia for Maximum Rocknroll's 2015 Comics & Art issue, 2015 (comic 2014).

Bleed-Throughs (selections), a daily diary comics project, February-April 2014.

Screentests, a 32 page Risograph-printed comic book, 2014. Printed by Grace Ambrose (1st ed.) and Issue Press (2nd ed.)
Includes "Pictures of Candy" and "Body Talk."

Blue Blue Blues starring "Sonic." A tiny, 32-page Risograph-printed comic book, 2008 & 2014.

How Do You Fill the Void?, 2008 & 2014.

What Changes? for Comics Workbook, 2013.

To all the Johnny Ryans for Comics Workbook, 2013.

Untitled pink print / "bash back" comic, 2012.

Annie Mok Draws James Joyce, 24-page Risograph-printed comic book, 2012. Printed by Issue Press. Includes "Araby" (originally published in The Graphic Canon vol. 3 from Seven Stories Press).

Stitching Together, 2008 & 2012. Many editions, final "Special Edition" Risograph-printed by Issue Press, 2012.

Ages of You, 2008.

Non-comics collaborations

The Ocean, cover art looping GIF for a Twine game by Joyce Hatton, 2015.

A Love Like in the Movies, an illustration for a story by Casey Plett for Rookie Magazine, 2015.

Lizzy & Annie (preview), illustrations for a story by Casey Plett, 2014. A version of this story appears without illustrations in Casey's collection A Safe Girl to Love.

Ghost Comics, an anthology I produced as editor, publisher, contributor, and cover art director with the help of the Xeric Grant, 2009.


See-Through Girls, a pop group.
Cover of the Smiths' "Reel Around the Fountain" for Rookie Magazine's Theme Song feature, 2015.
Kulay-rosas, internet EP, 2014.
Videos, news, and photos on our tumblr. Split tape with Moor Mother Goddess forthcoming.

Wolf Thistle, a pop group.
Internet single of a Drake-style sad girl song, "Tall Girl Summer (Sally)," 2015. A companion piece to the comic "Shadow Manifesto" part 3.

All music work is also archived on my Soundcloud page, as well as Soundclouded podcasts I appeared on or were about me.

Co-starring in Phaesporia (post-production) as Artemis. Swine Films, 2015.