Recurrence Plot

Recurrence Plot (and Other Time Travel Tales) by Rasheedah Phillips, published by The AfroFuturist Affair / House of Future Sciences Books.
Art element by Kiara Mōnaé, design by AM.

Final cover and early comps, for a debut speculative fiction novel concerned with perception, racism, and trauma. Comps explored ideas of "glitching" the cover, tensions of perception, "information overload," or an "off-register" look reflecting an off-kilter feeling.

From the jacket copy: "A journalist races against time itself to expose the entity preying on young male teens in Philadelphia. A crystal, memory-storing bracelet transports a young mother back to the day of her own mother’s traumatic death. An unknown force of nature causes time to start flowing backwards."

You can buy the book at the Metropolarity Sci-Fi Shop.

2014, 5.5x8.5", digital. All art elements, besides Kiara Mōnaé's central motif, drawn in Photoshop with Kyle T. Webster's brushes.