Press + appearances

"With the Help of a Scroll Bar, 'Swim Thru Fire' Tells a Gripping, Immersive Story" by Jillian Capewell for The Huffington Post, 2015.

Interview on Katie Alice Greer's "Fan Club" feature for The Media, 2015.

"Comics Shelfie" feature appearance on Zainab Akhtar's Comics & Cola, 2015.

TCJ Talkies podcast hosted by Mike Dawson, with guest Kris Mukai, on Michael DeForge's Ant Colony and John Porcellino's The Hospital Suite. 2015.

Young Talk podcast episode 2, hosted by Kris Mukai, with guests Sophia Foster-Dimino and Ben Urkowitz. Sophia and I talked about our comic Swim Thru Fire. 2014.

Tranzister Radio appearance, along with guests merritt kopas and Marty Fink, 2014.

Annie Mok Talks Capitalism, Magic, and Whitman's Sex Appeal, interview by Mai Schwartz for Apiary Magazine, 2014.

Comics Workbook Magazine #3 (print only), interview by Zach Mason, 2014.

Persephone Magazine interview, 2013.

Inkstuds radio show and podcast appearance, 2013.


We Should Be Friends podcast, episode 15, a panel discussion of comics readers and makers on "Shadow Manifesto" part 3, Swim Thru Fire, and "Worst Behavior."

Young Talk podcast, episode 3. Dash Shaw, Laura Knetzger, and host Kris Mukai talk about Unholy Shapes as well as other comics and games, 2015.

Review of "Worst Behavior" by Sean T. Collins for The Comics Journal, 2015.

E-Reader: Secrets in the digital age includes mini-review of "Stars In Your Pocket" by Megan Kirby for The Chicago Tribune, 2015.

Comics That Challenged Me in 2014 by Alex Hoffman for Sequential State.

Ten Essential Cartoonists by Kathleen Gros, 2014.

What We're Reading includes mini-review of Unholy Shapes by Aaron King for Hazel & Wren, 2014.

Questioning Labels in LGBTQ Comics, a review by Brigid Alverson for Comic Book Resources of a panel I appeared on at NYCC, 2014.

Review of Leeway's second Trans Literary Salon by Steve Burns for Apiary Magazine, 2014.

Event review: Annie Mok & Screentests by Victoria Stitt for Apiary Magazine, 2014.

What do I want? A review of a night of comics in New York by Cathy G. Johnson, 2014.

Annie Mok's Screentests Tells Stories About Candy Darling, Personal Trauma by Mey Rude for Autostraddle, 2013.

Spotlight on Draws James Joyce and Stitching Together by Taylor for the Impossible Books shop blog, 2014.

Comics Rack: January's Best Comic Books by Brian Heater for BoingBoing, 2014.

Ghosts and Muppets, a review of Ghost Comics and Stitching Together by Lily Pepper for Zine Reviews, 2012.

Comic Arts Brooklyn at Mt. Carmel Church, Sat. November 7th. I Dare You talk and workshop at Oberlin College, October, and Swarthmore College, November. A talk called I Dare You at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design followed by a reading at Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis, participation in a panel at New York Comic Con, tabling at CAKE in Chicago and Comic Arts Brooklyn, workshop at Center on Halsted for LGBT youth, tabled and read as a featured guest for the Chicago Zine Fest, tabled at the New York Feminist Zinefest, reading at release for Hoax Zine at Bluestockings in NYC, RIPE in Providence, Locust Moon Comics Fest in Philly, co-curating and co-hosting the Leeway Foundation's Trans Literary Salon, panel participation and reading at the University of Pennsylvania's Punk Symposium at the Rotunda.

2014 Tour
Debut events with group readings for Screentests at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn and Vox Populi in Philadelphia, tabled for Toronto Comics Arts Fest and co-conducted a workshop on collaboration with Sophia Foster-Dimino for the Word Balloon Academy professional development programming, curated/hosted the pre-TCAF group reading I Put a Spell on You: A night of comics & stories, participation in a panel discussion about trans characters in and writers of YA for the Writing Trans Genres conference at the University of Winnipeg, reading (video) at the Leeway Foundation's Trans Literary Salon, tabling and a 2D Cloud-organized reading for CAKE in Chicago (photos), curated/hosted the group reading Bury Me Standing at Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis, reading at Quimby's in Chicago with Sam Sharpe, tabling and reading for the New York Feminist Zinefest, tabling and speaking at RIPE in Providence - two panels can be heard on RIPE's bandcamp page, a talk called On Drawing Joyce at the Irish Arts Center in NYC with a Q&A; with Calvin Reed of Publishers Weekly, tabling at the Philly Zinefest and the Locust Moon Comics Fest in Philly, tabling and reading for Queer Between the Covers in Montreal, reading with Hanselmann, DeForge, and Kyle on their Philly stop of their Boys of Summer Tour; reading with Imogen Binnie, Casey Plett, and Sybil Lamb at Red Emma's in Baltimore (video).

2013 Tour
Tabling and reading at Ladyfest Philadelphia; tabling at the Philly Zinefest and the Locust Moon Comics Fest in Philly; group readings at BGSQD in New York, Quimby's in Chicago, and Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis.

2012 Tour
Tabling at MoCCA and the Small Press Expo, tabling at 2D Cloud table with panel participation at TCAF, tabling at the Philly Alternative Comic Con, the Philly Zinefest, and the Philly Feminist Zinefest.